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Looks like the deadzone is out of control. Can this tattiebogle configure the deadzone? Tried that, deadzones were not the issue. Checked up on the support website: So basically each time I want to play another game I need to screw about with drivers.

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Kinda unsatisfactory if you ask me. BlinksTale Mostra il profilo Vedi la cronologia dei messaggi.

Playing Bioshock on PC with a 360 controller...

I have an alternative fix! It's sloppy and you have to do it every time you connect your controller, but it's pretty easy. When I first booted this game, it was quickly scrolling up through all the menus. By connecting the controller when holding the joystick down a bit, it made that the center of the deadzone, and then all the other controls were offset Hope this helps, sorry it's not a real fix.

Iriya Mostra il profilo Vedi la cronologia dei messaggi. Not sure if anyone is still looking for a solution - I tried to reinstall drivers but that didn't fix the perma-down. What did fix the issue was selecting a different 'profile' for the controller buttons, and then reverting to the default.

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Playing Bioshock on PC with a controller - PC/Mac/Linux Society - GameSpot

Hosting By. Comments [18] Share on: Monday, June 09, 7: No wireless is a showstopper for me. Don't really see the advantage of this vs. Yeah it is pretty neat. Just a week ago I got me one for my iMac mainly because nowadays you can use it to play browser games too! Me and my brother are working on one such game and I implemented rudimentary interaction , it is so much fun!

For now it only works in Firefox but I will fix it so it will work in Chrome too, and I read that controller support is even comming to the Internet Explorer soon! This will be epic: Monday, June 09, 8: It would be nice if PC games supported actual PC gamepads, but that hasn't been the case for years. That would be 10 extra lines of code on the PC port, so we can't be bothered with that.

PRMan - Kidding?

Scott Hanselman. Monday, June 09, Does anyone know why these drivers have a shady WiX installer and are hosted on Major Nelson's blog instead of microsoft.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Paul Betts. Tuesday, June 10, 5: Paul, WiX shady? Scott, any sign of a wireless adapter for the new controller? I still swear by my controller, even after getting rid of my XBox. Adam Baxter. Tuesday, June 10, 7: Doesn't it sort of defeats the purpose? Tuesday, June 10, And straight blam! Not working. Good thing Microsoft guys are eating own dogfood because I feel like eating dirt. Awesome news, my controller is getting a bit aged. Some games just work better with a controller: Jonathan Dickinson.

Tuesday, June 10, 9:

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