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That old iMac wouldn't support the resolution for an ultrawide. I kind of think of it like an afterburner. It turbo-boosts some video processing, but not everything. So far, I've found most apps default to the eGPU if it's available. Most apps Yes, I bought a Mac mini and here's how I spec'd it out. Compressor is the encoding program that takes video edited in Final Cut and turns it into a file for viewing or uploading.

Oddly enough, when I started to run Compressor, the eGPU stopped doing its thing and all the processing moved to the Intel I was actually convinced something was wrong with the Helios or the eGPU itself. Still, it processed on the chip. I contacted tech support, I called around to friends who use Final Cut. Finally, I got an answer on one of the Facebook Final Cut boards. Apparently, Compressor uses an encoding feature built into the Intel chipset.

So, as much as I would have expected the eGPU to do the heavy encoding, it's actually on the main board. Go figure. I have had the opportunity to use both the eGPU and on-board chip together. Check out this graph from when I was exporting a bunch of images and 4K video from Photos using the eGPU and running Compressor using the chip. With a single video source, it's not bad. But once you add more video sources, multicam, and effects, it gets painful. Adding on the eGPU makes it very nice, indeed.

I'm a bit weirded about why Compressor insists on using the on-board video, but that's neither the fault of the Vega 56 nor the Mercury Helios FX. That's just Apple being Apple. New Mac mini: Pro machine in a tiny, upgradeable package.

Back to the Mac 008: The best Apple-endorsed eGPU for macOS [9to5Mac]

The Mercury Helios FX was standout in how quickly it faded into the background and just did its job. All told, if you're doing extreme pro work , the i7 Mac mini, the Vega 56, and the Helios FX can help you get your job done -- and all together, at about two-thirds of the entry price of a base iMac Pro. You can follow my day-to-day project updates on social media.

The Mac mini 2018 finally brings Thunderbolt 3

Affiliate disclosure: Apple Mac mini review: The little Mac that could. Over the past four years, users and pundits alike have speculated whether the Mini had been left behind and if Apple had decided it was time to move on from the small box and instead focus resources on other Mac products. Here's the verdict: But it's not easy and it's not for the faint of heart.

It worked! Apple intros new Mac mini with up to 64GB memory. New rule: There is prob some performance loss, would need someone smarter than me to run the numbers, but it works fine for me. Theoretically at 5K the GPU will be sending back 19 GBPS for display so your GPU will be throttled to just slightly over Thunderbolt 2 speeds which should give you a good idea check benchmarks what your performance will be like. Macbook Pro 13 , then what you have said would be true. However, looking at the implementation of TB3, 22Gbps is the maximum bandwidth of pci-e lanes please see the above image.

I am guessing that the 5k display image generated by the eGPU is going to get sent back through thunderbolt's pci-e bandwidth the same 22Gbps , not a separate DP channel that could utilize the remaining 10Gbps; Which means 22Gbps minus around 19Gbps, making not much bandwidth left 3Gbps for the operation of eGPU. Of course, the above is worst-case scenario, when it comes to pci-e communication, the display driver might implement some sort of compression to minimize bandwidth use when sending video back.

I still get error 12 and did a fresh install of bootcamp after upgrades. Tried Refind with the flag and it did not help at all. Curious where you fond this info as I would love to dig more to attempt to fix the error.

I'm not sure why you make the distinction between using one and two Thunderbolt controllers. With a single Thunderbolt controller, can't you connect an eGPU to one port and the display to the other port? The theoretical DP channel may be more efficient in this case, by not having to exit the single Thunderbolt controller but the bandwidth used would be similar.

I think we both agree that this DP channel idea is too magical to be the method used for transferring graphics from the eGPU to the display. I have speculated about this method at So, why are we calling it "10Gbps-TB1"? How does Thunderbolt networking work? Some clues are given at https: This news prompted me to make an account on here as I am finally considering upgrading my system and the mac mini seems to be a perfect solution for me.

I have reservations, however, about whether this will work properly with bootcamp having done some preliminary research. I also find the idea of troubleshooting problems such as error 12 to be quite daunting as someone who has no kind of IT or coding background. Am I right in understanding that, because the mac mini has no dGPU, it should be relatively straightforward and that this mac mini should, in theory, work like a charm?

In other words, will it be very much a plug and play situation, or will I have to troubleshoot problems such as error 12? Thanking you in advance! In theory, yes. But in real world use, there is no guarantee. I knew it would not be plug and play with OS X, but it was even incompatible with Bootcamp, at first. This solution isn't perfect, as the graphics switching only works with newer DX applications. To be fair, this all has to do with using the internal display. When I hooked up an external display, it worked fine. I wouldn't be surprised if you have to connect both the Mac Mini display out as well as the eGPU to the monitor to get it to work.

The one instance it works plug-and-play is at the Windows logo spinning circle screen via hot-plug. This way we can disable one controller to free up resources if needed.

Do you really need an eGPU with a 2018 Mac mini?

Also promising is the fact the Mac mini is a headless system. As long as you have the monitor connected to the eGPU it may work fine. Could you please clarify what you mean in your final paragraph? Obviously, the mac mini doesn't have an internal display. Latest Post: Forum Icons: Forum contains no unread posts Forum contains unread posts Mark all read. Topic Icons: Please Login or Register. What gear should I Last Post.

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Configure a Mac Mini () for Video Editing | Larry Jordan

October 30, 9: Seems like a great affordable option for a desktop egpu setup given it's: Reply Quote. Topic Tags. Estimable Member. October 30, I don't see one of these yet so here we go.

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Whenever possible, I prefer to upgrade memory myself, because Apple charges a ridiculous amount of money for its RAM upgrades. If desired, you can build your Mac mini with up to 2TB of flash storage. In the end, you may be best off sticking with smaller storage configurations, and opting for external storage instead. The good news is that Thunderbolt 3 is the perfect way to add extra-fast solid-state storage to your Mac mini.

Slowly but surely, Apple is updating its entire Mac lineup with its custom T2 security chip. Along with the security-related aspects, the T2 consolidates several controllers into a single piece of silicon. The Mac mini features the same chassis design as the previous generation, except it comes in a brand new anodized aluminum space gray color.

Best for high power video cards

If desired, all of these things can be upgraded sometime down the line. Considering that these are the two newest desktops that Apple sells, and the Mac mini has obvious Pro overtures, I thought it would make for an interesting comparison. The Geekbench 4 scores denote an 8, point difference between the two machines in multi-core, which is substantial, and will only rise as you configure the iMac Pro with higher core counts. And as expected, single core performs slightly better on the Core i7 inside the Mac mini, besting the Xeon by about points.

Thankfully, the Mac mini is equipped with Thunderbolt 3, which allows you to bolt on a much more capable eGPU. There is an obvious difference between the two machines when looking at SSD performance.

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