Reaper 32 or 64 bit mac

The site it depends on what you're using but I don't really see what that means and how that's supposed to tell which version to use. Occam , Mar 13, Mar 13, 2. Frankie4Fingers , Mar 13, Mar 13, 3. Mar 13, 4.

32-bit or 64 bit Reaper?

Fran Guidry , Mar 13, Mar 13, 5. Mar 14, 6. I went to the Toontrack site and found no indication of 32 vs 64, except that 64 bit OS is not mentioned as a compatibility requirement. So my guess would be that it is 32 bit. Fran Guidry , Mar 14, Mar 14, 7. Superior Drummer if it's the program they say it is probably runs in 32 and 64 bit. One way to do this would be to rename the Reaper bit application first so it doesn't get replaced by the bit version , but if I remember correctly in this case both Reaper versions share the same resource folder.

32-bit vs 64-bit - Your Questions Answered

So the preferred option is to do a portable Reaper install of the bit version to a separate folder so Reaper bit has it's own resource folder - independent from the bit version. Then, as Aymara suggests, export the config from Reaper bit and import it into Reaper bit. Make some additional setting adjustments, if necessary like plugin path, etc. The 64 bit version comes named Reaper64 while the 32 is just Reaper.

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Thanks for that info. I don't have a lot of material invested in Reaper as I am a pretty new user.

So if anything is lost in the transfer it's not really a big deal. You see these numbers used a lot with digital audio, for the operating system, file types, program coding, and mixing bit-depth. In this particular case it makes no difference to the sound quality. Which one should you use?

If you run a bit operating system, such as Windows XP, your choice is simple. Windows 7 is available in 32 or 64 bit 64 is recommended versions, and OSX You will see a warning when you exceed MB, stability will be very questionable past that even if your computer has 4GB or more. The Bridge This part is all down to how your plugins are coded. When you run the bit version and not all your plugins are coded in bits, you have to deal with the bridge. The bridge allows you to run bit plugins in the bit environment.

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  7. The issue with the bridge is that those bit plugins are now a separate program and often get hidden by the main REAPER window instead of floating on top. This takes some getting used to and if you have a lot of bit only plugins it can get annoying very quickly. To summarize: In the years since this article was first written things have changed somewhat.

    Makes good sense. Thanks for the post.

    bit or 64 bit Reaper? - Home Recording forums

    Most of my plugins are bit and I always thought the annoyance of the window placements were normal…going to bit now. RT reaperblog: New Post: Great post!

    Reaper + SWS -Full MacOS

    Thank you. I know that some plugins like Battery or Kontakt provide that option, but what about all others not designed in that way? Well, I found your article about just this question: Hi guys, any update on this view since Feb ? I imagine most plugins are 64 bit now? What are the standard ones in Reaper?

    Going with all bit now means you lose a few commercial plugins and some free ones. Gotta move on at some point though.

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