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Be arware of your hardware support though, and avoid SP3 as there are reported problems. Many hardware vendors do not support Windows on Intel Macs. Why can't Sony get off of its high horse and make its software compliant across all operating systems? The Apple Logic program was actually written by the same guy that wrote the first edition of Acid; hence, why I like and use Logic so much; among other reasons like side chains and things of the like.

Acid needs to improve its versatility if it wants to stay in the game and teaming up with Randy Jackson to make loop CDs is not going to cut it. I grew up using Acid to make mixes, songs and video soundtracks: Sorry if I sound like an A-hole, but I am not completely dissatisfied with the direction of the software.

It feels like we keep getting screwed with new versions that do not do much more than the older versions.

More fun with editing and sharing

I still use Acid for various things, but I find myself slowly but surely shifting over to use Logic on my Mac. Sorry Acid. Why bother going to the effort of supporting an OS platform that has such a tiny user base?

Easy operations to edit videos and arrange audio

Why develop for a platform that costs the end user more money? I just don't see any advantage. I don't know where you got this information from but it is not accurate. He is was? Logic is still based on the orginal EMagic Logic. The last time I saw the guy that invented ACID, we discussed Logic and he indicated that much of the team is still in place. The orginal founder and mastermind behind Logic is still around and very active. Thanks for the rest of you comments and insights.

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What a ludicrous suggestion Read Chris Randall's Analog Industries blog if you want some honest info about the trials and tribulations of recompiling plugins for Mac's. If his comments are anything to go by, getting Acid to work on a Mac natively would be a nightmare! But that's my opinion here.

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Sometimes the most impressive Synth I've used were Free. Which runs on XP SP2 because there's so much more choice. The "musicians work on macs" is not true anymore.

Kinda sad to see the brainwashing. So, they come to me for advice, talking about the prices of a Mac, and then get annoyed when i tell them they can get a very good Windows PC for half that price that will do everything they want to do and more. They go away disgusted and buy the Mac anyway. Then a year later they come back even more disgusted and annoyed because out in the real word, the Mac doesn't help them any, and everything they want to do is being done under Windows. Now they have to go buy Windows and they've wasted all that money on an overpriced Mac.

Well, not that I'm a teen - 27 I'm not disgusted by your advice, quite the opposite! I'm very pleased to learn that I'll be able to save quite a bit of needlessly spent money! So many thanks! I'm sure Macs have their advantages but there are so many people now building their own DAWs. I haven't bought a system in years. Looks like someone has been drinking too much of the koolaide!

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acid music studio free for mac Acid music studio free for mac
acid music studio free for mac Acid music studio free for mac
acid music studio free for mac Acid music studio free for mac
acid music studio free for mac Acid music studio free for mac
acid music studio free for mac Acid music studio free for mac
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