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My only concern and question would be redownloading and reinstalling the EP and SP. I would just hate to have to go through this process and not have my EP and SP not work especially after all the trouble. I have OS Sierra. This site has a lot of great information, but the advocation of super patch has been nothing but a nightmare for me. My game actually worked until installed that and now it will not.

What I had to do previously was I could never run the game by clicking on any of the expansion pack executes, I had to use the base game execute to actually run in it my iMac. I made the foolish mistake of buying Late Night back a couple of days ago before realizing what a catastrophe that was as I could no longer get to the launcher but instead got that annoying application error. You could just install the previous patch, v. Just cleanly uninstall everything and reinstall, forgetting Late Night. Does the solution explained in this post make Late Night playable in Sierra?

You have to do the manual workaround. I downloaded the digital version because I play my games through origin, but I forgot they were put on there as discs. If I installed the disc version over the top would it still run? Please help!!! When I uninstalled it I did followed all the instructions in your guide to make sure I uninstalled it correctly. Are you applying the patch after installing the base game only or after installing the base game and UL? Almost nothing is, just one folder that says Chrome Apps.

Any idea what that is about?

Thank you! Are you looking in the right place? Is it just me or is it a pain in the ass to actually play the game? Btw this is the first time ever im downloading the universal patch from this link and it also says its a tgz file is that normal? Are you playing on a year old Mac?

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Play in Windowed mode too. That way, if the game freezes you can just click anywhere on the Desktop to get back to Finder then Force Quite the game, rather than do a hard restart on your Mac. Hi, good morning! Thanks a lot for the interesting topic. I found that late night is the problem and the super patch is not the solution.

Hi, not sure what you mean by an updated Mac but the unsupported ones are listed here — https: The game is pretty much redundant on most Macs now. You can thank EA for not bothering to properly support it….. Thank you so much for providing this support! One of the reasons I always loved Sims 3 was because we all have to support each other.

Thank you for taking the time to do this!

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Previously on Maverick and Mountain Lion, the game ran with no problems. Odd thing is my game was running fine on Yosemite until last week when it refuse to open and threw up an error msg.

I uninstalled the game and cleared everything and reinstalled just the base game first. The splash screen pops up and it says an update is available so I download it. Biggest regret!!!! First of all thank you for your lovely download instructions. Just got a bit trouble at the last step of finding the Sims 3 at the Application folder. What should I do? I have a macOS Sierra Thank you so much! Are you applying the correct version of the patch for your game? Damn it, that must have happened very recently. Another link has been found for the digital version — http: How can I fix this?

Just found this — http: Hi, i have a macbook pro with sierra installed. Are there any new patches for physical copies and no digital downloads? I am so frustrated. Please let me know if you have any further information thank you so much. The current patch version is 1. What error are you getting? After downloading and installing Seasons you should download and install the 1. Am I only supposed to use this on the base game? I know that World Adventures has updates that need to be installed, am I supposed to just ignore this forever? No, you have applied the super patch to take the game to 1.

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The game is not prompting you for the 1. Just click yes. I just ran the patch but my version number did not change. It still says 1. Now what do I do? Late Night is the issue. You need to add the game files to the Seasons folder and do the Unknown Error workaround. Does your Mac have unsupported graphics? So I just got a new mac and updated it to High Sierra. Is there any other sort of fix?

Here and here. Answer HQ English: The Sims: The Sims 3: Zombies Games Plants vs. Tapped Out The Simpsons: Me too. Message 1 of 13 2, Views. Reply 0. June 1. Message 2 of 13 2, Views. June To reinstall hover over the picture of the game to install it again. Message 3 of 13 2, Views. June do you know the link to get all regions?

Message 4 of 13 2, Views.

Sims 3 Game Update 1.55 (6/18/13)

June oh and even though i have a mac, can i still do the all regions? Message 5 of 13 2, Views. July I believe you can, just have a look for the all regions bit. University Life installed. University Life. University Life will no longer cause some PlantSim features to remain.

It works on mac! Yes, hope it gives us a way to build houseboats on water to live in, but not moving it around until you get I. It does! Building a vacation home on the lake in Hidden Springs, whereas their year-round home is in town. Game Update for 1. Launcher Updates The Launcher will now show the Base Game version number instead of the highest installed expansion or stuff pack. Base Game Updates Added a new spiral staircase object.

Added a new ladder object. Added a new modular arch object. Added a set of new Stilted Foundation objects. Lots can now be partially placed on water. Holding down the Alt key while dragging out a foundation will now make a single step height foundation.

The Sims 3 Patch - Download

Sims can now purchase additional homes using the Real Estate system. Sims can now move to a new Town using the Phone or Computer. New Pool Blueprints have been added. Players will now have more control positioning their lot when importing a lot from the bin to a larger empty lot.

Ambitions Updates Fixed a crash that occurs when selling a Sculpting Station and sculpture then clicking the Undo button. Showtime Updates Games that are saved when paused will now correctly load paused. Online In game messages now have headers to explain who the comment came from and where it was directed. University Life Updates Sims can now ask their romantic interests to be roommates.

PlantSims downloaded from the exchange can now use their powers and have the appropriate needs. Love letters received at University are no longer converted into unusable bills when returning to home world. Photos taken from the smartphone while at University are now moved to the inventory upon returning to the home world.

The Murphy Bed has been made less lethal. Sims in the Sports Agent career can now Negotiate Contracts without receiving any errors. Sims invited to graduation are no longer duplicated in the relationship panel. Roommates in the home world have been motivated and will now autonomously leave the house and go to work.

Teens who have maximum influence with a social group will now get the appropriate career opportunity when they age up. Sims that skip class activities or lecture halls will no longer have their needs frozen. Children can no longer gain influence with social groups. Fixed a crash that would occur when installing store content while audio is playing.

Sims selecting the Education Career will now start at a higher career level if they have completed a degree from The Sims 3: Having a PlantSim in a household and then uninstalling The Sims 3: Care Packages will now correctly show up in the gifting tabs. All Sims attending a protest in a group now have access to Podium interactions and will all receive the appropriate moodlet when the Protest finishes. The Social Networking Skill statistic: When a Sim is en route to class in the University world, the corresponding tooltip now appropriately describes where they are going.

Selling a Bowling Lane from the Family Inventory and then clicking the Undo button will now correctly remove the Bowling Lane object from the world. Store Updates Users who have a large amount of Store content installed will no longer experience their content disappearing from the launcher Store Sets can now be purchased on the Main Menu. Before installing an Update for The Sims 3, an Expansion Pack, or a Stuff Pack, it is a good idea to run through the following checklist to ensure your game continues to work smoothly.

If you have any questions about the below steps, please visit the Technical Support forum on the official Sims 3 community found at this URL: Step 1: Custom Content may cause the game to behave unexpectedly or not function entirely. To disable your custom content, undo whatever you did to install this content to get your game back into an unmodified state. If you placed it in a Sims 3 directory folder, move it to a new folder that is outside your Sims 3 file directory.

Your Sims 3 file directory can be found using the paths listed below: Windows File Directory: If you experience problems, disable it again until the 3rd party developer updates their content to work with the official Update, Expansion Pack, or Stuff Pack. Step 2: Your Sims 3 Saves folder can be found using the paths listed below: Step 3: Let the Update Complete Entirely Updates can sometimes be rather large and may take a while to download and install completely.

Cancelling the update before it has completed may cause unexpected problems, so it is always best to let it finish entirely. Do not close the Launcher until you have confirmed the update is completely installed, as this will cancel the update. Haha — were they really dangerous? I never found them that deadly but they seem to fall on at least nonathletic sims almost every time. The original percentage of that was definitely too high, though.

And we can sort of stack the platforms. Not that it was a big issue in-game, but it was a pain when I try to install stuff in the launcher. Thank you EA…. Why nothing from seasons? The Online Dating feature is still broke. Once the sims remove thier profile it goes back on. I guess modders will have to fix that. I wish the glitch with my sims getting stuck in the Uni world would get fixed!

Do They even care about that! My internet is being incredibly stubborn. The patch is telling me it will take 23 hours to download. I sure hope it is wrong. OMG nothing for Seasons? Seasons has some bad glitches! Have you tried doing the resetsim cheat?? It automatically sends your sims home. Yea they are apparently never gonna fix it.

All level 10 horses and unicorns just appear to float when they gallop moving their legs so fast it looks ridiculous….

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Hi i wounder how i can fiks the new update i just get that some file is modyfied? Did you ever figure out how to fix it? I deleted my saved folders and started a fresh game.

Re: Sims 1.55 Update won't finish on Mac

I too am having an issue with moving my sims family to a new town. Does this mean that saved families will not be able to use this option? After installing Patch 1. Any help, please message me on Facebook:

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Sims 3 mac update 1.55

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