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I hope the terrorists surrender soon. Sultan Kiram, Nur Misuari and The Opposition involved as reported by the Philippine intelligent are totally responsible for this incident. They should be liable and charged immediately for all the deaths caused by their action. Sultan Kiram should seriously call the terrorists to surrender. I am really sad. These won't happen if they surrender during the negotiation period.

Malaysia has given them ample time to do so In war, there no mercy and sympathy only been killed and captured. Now there are now turning back for them. They need to surrender or been killed by our army.. I hope Sabah and Sarawak secede from Malaysia. I hope they realized their full potential and become another Brunei and Singapore. They are so rich in resources and have been under the federation for so long but still living under conditions where there are still a lot of room for improvement. Meanwhile, here in the Philippines, the end of incompetent politicians are still nowhere in sight.

After totally disregarding the Tausugs in the peace accord with the Muslims in the south, our very adept, efficient and effective leaders, yes that's sarcasm, branded the Sultan's followers as terrorists and failed to recognize our own laws concerning Sabah - Republic Act and the United Nations Collections of Treaties of In the course of a week I was in that area, five fish-bombing incidents took place in Siamil alone and there was nothing the Army could do about it as they did not have a boat to pursue the perpetrators.

You cannot run an agency that fights trans-border armed intruders like a government department. You are bound to fail miserably. As mentioned in a blog post of mine that I wrote last year, Defence-in-Depth is the method that should and must be employed in Eastern Sabah. This has to be achievable and has to be sustainable in nature. Firstly, all cross-border family members need to have their boats registered and each boat is assigned with a registration number that is stored into a database that can be easily accessed by patrol crafts, surface and aerial combat units.

These registration numbers must be displayed on the bow of their pump boat. They can only enter via the designated routes that Admiral Ramlan proposed back in We have many shallow reefs in that area and manned stations or posts can be built where each boat wanting to enter will have to report to first layer posts to register their intention.

Once their destination is made known, they will be issued with a colour-coded pass that they need to surrender at the second-layer post which would be at their destination. The process is reversed when they want to return to the Philippines.


These first layer posts should be manned by the equivalent of an infantry section with RHIB interceptors at hand to intercept violators. Each of these posts would also house surface search radars that transmits radar data to a sectoral command center. Radar picket vessels should be on station to cover the approaches to and from Eastern Sabah and should cover all kilometers stretch.

This is where the two of the Principles of War come into play: Basing of assets also need to be considered. These vessels need to be on-station for weeks before they can be replaced by another surface unit. Major islands along the approaches from the outer limits all the way in should also have combat helicopters stationed on them. Combat helicopters carrying two PASKAL snipers each can be airborne in under ten minutes to intercept armed intruders. Certainly in the incident early this morning, the availability of such asset would have helped prevent the kidnappers from seeking refuge in their own territory.

Auxiliary ships, perhaps smaller versions of the Bunga Mas 5 and Bunga Mas 6 operated by the Navy with the assistance from MISC need to be employed in these areas to support operations. Good intelligence is important. There is nothing as valuable as good intelligence. More often than not, even during the February incursion that led to the Ops Daulat, intelligence played an important role.

Valuable intelligence remain valuable only if they are acted upon in the quickest possible time, thus commanders need to have a good grasp of strategic and tactical knowledge that their Decision-Action tempo has to overcome that of the enemy they are fighting. However as it is, the soldiers on Siamil and Sipadan can only watch if intruders sail past them at a safe distance. Cutting off the locals from the intruders would also help in identifying them and distinguishing them from locals.

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This is the area Mentek should be concentrating on as an Immigration officer and as an act for the Sabah people — weed out the illegals. Of course, diplomacy has to be one of the layers of defence-in-depth. Ops Daulat was not the first time that we have had armed incursions. Eastern Sabah is not just any security zone. It is a zone that faces members of battle-hardened paramilitary groups that have been fighting the Government of the Philippines since the late s. Therefore, protecting this zone means having to conduct military-like operations that should be handled by professional combatants and not by civilians.

If the statement of aim of the strategy is to deny incursions, then it would have to be conducted with resolve and not through half-baked approaches or emulating other security zones whose methods are peculiar only to those areas, but not in areas managed by ESSCOM. The initial aim was to combat the communist guerrillas and stopping their infiltration from Southern Thailand.

After the treaty in December , we had elements of the Unit Pencegahan Penyeludupan UPP or the Anti-Smuggling Unit operating in these areas in a supporting role, to curb the smuggling of contrabands and also human trafficking. What is wrong with this appointment?

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Mohammad Mentek is the Director of Immigration for the state of Sabah, the agency that, in my opinion, has failed badly in curbing the in-flow of illegal Filipino and Indonesian immigrants into that state. If I may provide a memory-jogger for all, the. If you think I made the above up, read it here.

How much of an expert do you think the Sabah Director of Immigration would be in the field of counter-insurgency warfare, joint-command operations and public order? This is another example of the government missing out on a good opportunity to make things better. Obviously, the main concern when we talk about Sabah right now is its defence from foreign elements. With the heavy presence of our security forces there, we can only see illegal immigrants returning to their homeland, and not the other way round.

Therefore, the government should have had a clear aim again, quoting from the Principles of WAR in ensuring its strategies in making Sabah more secure conform to this aim. These are the front-liners that will be meeting armed militants head-on. Onshore, defence and security should be effected by the Army and Police. The Immigration Department will just stick to its supporting role, weeding out illegal immigrants. The reason is because they are in-charge of the combat and combat-capable units operating in this region, not the Immigration.

I respect the person for who he is, but if the government wants to be seen serious in protecting the Malaysians in the state of Sabah, leave the job to the professionals. Mention the name Beting Serupai you might get frowned upon by many. Mention the name James Shoal, and it may raise a few eyebrows. They involved hovercraft, ship-born helicopters, amphibious tanks, and land-based fighters and bombers, and were followed by a ceremonial visit Tuesday to James Shoal farther south. In April of , its vessel, the Marine Surveillance Ship placed a sovereignty stele into the water area of the shoal.

When Malaysia enhanced its relationship with China in May , it was looked at as a step further towards harnessing a greater economic relationship. The Malaysian Opposition was quick to excoriate the act as political pandering. But in retrospect, it was strategically a good move as it relives the act by the Sultanate of Melaka with the Chinese. China is not a country one could just ignore. As in the 15th century, an alliance with China not only provides economic benefits, but also from a military standpoint.

Among the countries where bases are sought include the Philippines and Vietnam. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the carrier battle group of the USS John C Stennis decided to make a port call there in early October The only factor that is stopping the US Navy from getting naval base facilities in Sabah is probably not having a Malaysian government that would kowtow to them. Therefore, the outcome of the next general elections would be important to them. Little wonder that Sabah has been the aim of a certain party.

However, this writer hopes that this dangerous effort would not come to fruition. The fact that the US Navy and Marines have begun deploying its assets in the Philippines comes as no surprise. Jack Lummus on March Some 8, troops from both the US and the Philippines will commence its Balikatan exercise on 5th April. And suddenly, Jamalul Kiram III who hardly has enough money to cover the bills for his twice-weekly kidney dialysis, could find the financial resources to send hundreds of armed militants across the Sulu Sea to Lahad Datu.

China, I would expect, would want to protect its interests; and the by the Philippines in the Sabah issue could be seen as an attempt to de-stabilise the region. Whatever the intentions may be by all the related parties, the Malaysian government should seriously look into increasing its naval and aerial assets. A country that is weak militarily will only see its soil trampled by foreign forces. The government should also make sure Sabah is not lost to another nation, and act against the Quislings who have caused the emergency in Lahad Datu.

The Prime Minister recently said that lessons of the Sulu intrusion must be identified.


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Only Giant, Century the one in the town was open, but there were long queues. People were buying up rice and supplies in bulk. I was amazed. I wanted to buy food at stalls my wife wasn't here in Semporna, she had gone back earlier but all were closed. In desperation, I had to line up in Giant and pick off food off the "ready made" section. So I thought I acted smart by buying two packets of rice, two burgers just in case I got really hungry.

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It was kind of chaotic as people were rushing to buy all sorts of stocks. At this juncture in my whatsapp group with colleagues, it was already rife with plans to take CRK and all, since some people were supposedly "well informed", and that. I was eventually driven to the point that I just decided to bring my bag, no clothes, just the important documents, and rode off, just because the nagging was becoming more and more incessant, like every 5 goddamned minutes, a different member of the family will call NOT knowing another member of the family had dialed prior.

I did rode off that night, only to be stopped immediately by the police not too far away from my house and told to go back, lay low, turn off volumes and lights off. I was bewildered, but I'm not going to go against the police I had in mind to just try to bypass by going to another route to town, then to the main road, but I didn't.

Turned out the road I wanted to use to attempt to bypass happened to be leading right to the "ground zero" in Semporna. I went back home, but it wasn't uneventful. The night became very lively when I saw many hi lux and lorries came from the direction of Kpg Simunul to the surau in front of where I lived. Packed with people and belongings.

Naturally my neighbours and I were curious so we asked what happened.

2013 Lahad Datu standoff

It was unbelievable. The fact that SMS rumours spreading about 4 policemen killed didn't helped since we didn't know how or why they were killed, it just said they were killed and in one very exaggerated version, the police station got overrun with of these so called invaders managing to kill every single policemen and the policemen had fled. I got worried for my friends in the marine police, called them up but got no reply turned out later that it was standard operating procedure for them to NOT answer calls during curfew , and decided that I should follow a "prevet" a mix of prebet and private, a term for those teksi sapu the next morning.

But in the house I was scouring Twitter and FB. Then the dreaded news took place. We should have shot the intruders, ask questions later! What I knew was the army was already itching to storm the front to rescue the lone policemen, but officially, it was still "police business". Well, maybe LTZ can talk more about this, I've heard my versions. No cars, nothing. Waited for nearly 2 hours before a car popped up and was actually going back to Tawau.

Which I did. But the panic wasn't far from over. I'm starting to remember more and more things, and its actually quite funny. Notice that a lot of the footage that comes from afghanistan are from personal cams or journalists and are years old when published? Thinking back it's kind of hilarious because as a society we panic too easily and shared things too easily.

The Semporna Marine police HQ turned from a building complex for administration into a fortress almost overnight. A colleague who lived very near to the police station heard gunfire shots traded back and forth. A week or two later a colleague recounted first hand experience that the army stormed a house few doors away and recovered stashes of rifles and weapons.

Within the teachers community, some teachers got arrested not sure what happened because apparently they took leave during the incident, and we're suspected to have connections to the groups directly and indirectly. Some of those dossiers some people publish, not sure true or not, documented of they took Semporna, what will they do, etc, how will they rule, etc. Then again, there are more stories and side stories. It should be no problem But some make politics on it, some really looked down on our soldiers capabilities when there frontline men really need our moral support.

No need to join, just give moral support U could see "all types" of malaysia special operation forces were there right Quite rare to see there special men on the ground They are quite busy Well its a test. One of my teachers who were living in the hostel was making rounds of course curious when they landed , then they saw her. They interviewed her. Then the golden question Polizei: Kamu orang mana? But dayum, when she recalled the incident even we laughed so hard. One of them left a bullet don't think it was intentional , but a student whowas at the school assembly grounds found it, and got terrified.

Bullet surrendered to headmaster, who dialed the police. Police asked to identify the bullet markings, and confirmed it belonged to the RMA Royal Malaysian Army Scared the shit out of the kid.. Not sure If immigration 1st may be later one politician comes slow talk bla bla bla Beliau berkata, ia sebahagian daripada latihan amal pihak keselamatan untuk menghadapi sebarang kemungkinan. Te Kunenga Ki Purehuroa. Some ppl will say So thats make the difference. In Malaysia, which is special case And I am not sure why those bodies of the terrorists can be buried there, why not just bury it in sea as they are terrorists that threatened national security.

They are already dead so no more threathening. According to Islam anyway the dead must be respected even if you yourself cause them to die. In any case, this incident brought the worst out of Malaysians. Can't remember how many I 'unfriend' that time. I dont want to derail from the topic. One left died happily One killed brutally Feb 25 , Feb 26 , Today, Show posts by this member only IPv6 Post Sabah, North Borneo, Borneo Island.

LTZ you're based in Lokawi camp is it? I live not far from that camp so during that time I drove by the camp everyday during my commute to and fro work and I saw the blacked out perimeter. I just wish the government would issue a order to shoot to kill the hundreds of illegals living near lokawi yes it is true, there are dozens of illegal filipinos and indonesians living not far from lokawi camp and govenrment is doing nothing. Later all the nations bising tak tentu pasal.

We are hoping so I serve in sea soldier. Tengok muka muka veteran semua senyum sampai ke telinga: Still got left anything? Mar 1 , Respect to all those who have sacrificed for the nation. On a side note, is there a dateline to reduce this threat to a non dangerous level? Are there any plans to send planes to carpet bomb these rebels?

We dont want to be that offensive So what we do know is just to strengthen the defence along the km coastline. If Singapore were to attack Malaysia the same way as these pilaks, would the doctrine be self defense? But if Malaysia to Attack 1st, cant comment What story? Cecite skit, bro Biar aku teka I don't know who will win in a War between Singapore and Malaysia even though Singapore is small because I see Singapore army damn keras lol.

Not talking about soldiers. Indonesia is a bigger threat. Indonesians consider Malaysia as big threat as well Making peace with Indonesians is very easy Anybody got pictures, videos regarding this incident, u can post them here VAT 69 in LD Salute to those KIA. Should have done a Dr. SCB robbery ]. Mar 2 , Some nationalist fan the media about some news from our side claiming lunpia as ours Every peasant in indon went batshit. And irony on what the sulu did in Sabah. Really a sohai that never learn from history and quite recent some more. No wonder indon use popiah as a retaliate issue. Stupid idiot on our side just playing fire withe fire.

Everything happens for a reason. Tau pun But popiah ain't indon cuisine either True, even a failed issue, they use it as an excuse to shoot us thanks to our ppl to play fire first. It's actually highly confidential. Kinda like open secret for our boys in law enforcement and military though, but officially, both the Singaporean government and ours will deny everything based on the principal of plausible deniability. You'd probably dismiss it as conspiracy theory anyway. You're better off asking LTZ about it.

He'd be in a better position to answer since he's probably one of our boys directly affected by it. That is, if he's legally able to do so. Mar 3 , LTZ just stumble upon this thread The Philippine military is aiming to significantly weaken the rebel groups, the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters and the Abu Sayyaf in the next three months with current offensive operations, armed forces chief General Gregorio Pio Catapang said Sunday. Mar 5 , I almost forget today Mar 6 , Mar 8 , Mar 9 , Why not just bombard the whole village and get done with it? I always love that mass mortar firing by the army pic..

Remembering the history After 3 yrs. Nov Felt like last year.. New Member Group: Top Quote Reply. Getting Started Group: Casual Group: ViSiToR Group: Coffee is love, coffee is life Group:

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ops daulat 18 mac 2013 Ops daulat 18 mac 2013
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