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Protection Management Administrators can use the Kaspersky Security Center to configure and manage protection of Mac endpoints, both individually and as part of a group. Automatic Updating Updates to antivirus databases and application modules are available on demand or automatically according to a set schedule. System administrators can now use the administration server as an update source and Network Agent as a transport. It also provides information to your centralized administration server storages.

10 Simple Tips for Boosting The Security Of Your Mac

This allows security administrators to manage incidents directly from Kaspersky Security Center and perform the actions required to solve the problem. Whenever the cyber-criminals manage to compromise one of your accounts, they will immediately try the same password everywhere — GMail, Facebook, eBay, PayPal and so on.

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Hence, having an unique strong password on each resources is a huge boost to your online security. Another, though more complicated advice is to have a separate keychain, with a minutes password cache timeout, for important passwords only.

What are important passwords? Well, things such as resources which when compromised can cause direct financial loss: Turn off connectivity services when not in use, or when not required.

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These include IPv6, AirPort and Bluetooth, three services that can be used as entry points for hacker attacks. IPv6 is a relatively new communication protocol which your Mac can use. If the Network Preference is locked, click on the lock icon and enter your Admin password to make further changes. This has the advantage of security the entire disk instead of just your home folder and can be very useful if your laptop gets stolen.

Adobe Reader has been one of the preferred targets of cybercriminals on the Windows platform and it still ranks high among the most exploited software in the world.

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Version 10 includes numerous security enhancements which make it a lot safer than any previous versions. Please make sure you get the latest version from the download page at Adobe — unfortunately, many of the older versions are still available for download and it can easily become confusing.

Six years have passed and the situation has changed dramatically.

In , cybercriminals began pushing DNSChangers and fake anti-virus lures to Mac users in a very aggressive way. The Flashback trojan which appeared in September caused a huge outbreak in March , which amounted for over half a million infected users worldwide. Nowadays, a security solution is absolutely mandatory for any Mac user. You can download and install a trial of Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Mac.

Download Free Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Mac OS X [Beta]

For Mac OS X power users, a utility like Little Snitch can be used to determine when a program attempts to establish an outgoing Internet connection and give you the option to allow or deny this connection. At the beginning of , we predicted that an increase in the number of attacks on Mac OS X which take advantage of zero-day or unpatched vulnerabilities. During the next few months, we are probably going to see more attacks of this kind which focus on exploiting two main things: If you follow the above steps, keep everything updated and be aware of these attacks, your chances of becoming yet another random victim will be greatly diminished.

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Download Free Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Mac OS X [Beta]

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