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Sandbox , Multiplayer , Funny , Moddable. Simulation , Building , Realistic , Singleplayer. Sandbox , Adventure , Survival , 2D. Action , Open World , Adventure , Gore. Showing 1 - 15 of results. Browse All Top Sellers.

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Survival , Open World , Dinosaurs , Multiplayer. Simulation , Military , Multiplayer , Open World. Free to Play. Free to Play , Survival , Zombies , Multiplayer. Grand Strategy , Strategy , Historical , Simulation. Base Building , Survival , Strategy , Sandbox.

City Builder , Simulation , Building , Strategy. Space , Strategy , Grand Strategy , Sci-fi. Browse All Time Most Popular. Early Access , Simulation , Indie , Adventure. Casual , Indie , Simulation , Realistic. Simulation , Adventure , Hacking , Indie.

Early Access , Simulation , Action , Adventure. Strategy , Simulation , City Builder , Economy. Adventure , Indie , Pixel Graphics , Crafting. Redbeet Interactive. Can you survive the brutal wilderness? A turn-based exploration RPG where you lead a party of travellers as they go beyond the horizon. Eigen Lenk. The Labyrinthine Night. Intended for entry into No Excuses Game Jam 1.

Find your family and escape the Night! EnMod Games. Gather materials, build your tools and explore the island. Play in browser. A horrifying escape room experience. GoblinWare, LLC. Icebreaker L-D39 suffers a nuclear reactor malfunction. You must reach safety before the crew freezes to death. Goblin Airship.

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Daniel Linssen. Baldi's Basics - Field Trip demo: A demo that shows what field trips could be like in the full version of Baldi's Basics! The Desolation with Demo. Survival adventure RPG with tactical turn-based battles in a dark, low fantasy, procedurally generated world. Don't Bite Me Bro!

Explore, Build, Upgrade, and Defend from constant waves of Zombies. Oxygen Not Included fits that bill: While it's adorable, the colony-builder is also deep and complex as it simulates its harsh subterranean environment. You'll need to manage your colonists hunger, happiness, cleanliness, and naturally their clean and breathable oxygen as they dig out caverns, gather resources, build machinery, and try to turn a harsh environment into a comfortable underground home. Oxygen Not Included is a deep and complex sim that's also easy to jump into.

Survival, crafting, and building—with dinosaurs. Released August 29, Link: Dropped nearly nude on an expansive map filled with dinosaurs, you'll have to contend with extreme heat and cold, starvation and dehydration, and fellow humans though you can play solo as well. Craft weapons and gear, build a base, tame and ride dinosaurs, and join with or battle other players.

Why Ark's best mount is a damn frog. Survive a cartoon wilderness filled with beasts and monsters. Released April 13, Link: Offical Site. With charming artwork yet punishing gameplay, Don't Starve is an addictive challenge and one of the best survival experiences out there and in a rare turn of events, one of the few games here to graduate from Early Access.

The crafting is complex and satisfying as you attempt to survive busy days and deadly nights. Fight and eat animals, practice both science and magic, and keep an eye on your mental health so you don't go insane. The standalone expansion Don't Starve Together even lets you play with pals. Don't Starve: Shipwrecked is a breath of fresh Nope, that's a hurricane. Real-time strategy roguelike in which you explore creepy abandoned spaceships using drones.

22 Best Survival Games You Should Play

Released May 18, Link: Steam Store. Duskers may not feel entirely like a survival game, given that it's a real-time strategy roguelike about steering a fleet of drones through spooky derelict spaceships. But the reason you're exploring is to scavenge parts, collect fuel, and repair and upgrade your drones so you can continue traveling through space in hopes of finding safety and an answer to the unexplained event that seems to have left the universe uninhabited by humans, at least.

Its a tense and nail-biting experience as you must keep moving through increasingly dangerous situations in hopes of gathering enough resources to survive.

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Duskers review. Released November, Link: Official Site. The Division's second expansion provided not just new content for players but a new way to play. Trapped in a deadly blizzard, players begin each round stricken with a disease, are armed with only a pistol and low-level gear, and must travel to The Dark Zone to locate a cure and an extraction point. Meanwhile, they must survive the terrible cold, roving gangs of NPC enemies, and a couple dozen other players who are in the same predicament.

The Division's new Survival mod is surprisingly good. Online zombie survival in the Eastern European countryside. Yes, many players have grown weary of waiting for the multiplayer zombie survival game to leave Early Access, and DayZ's roots in military sim ArmA make it a bit intimidating for newcomers. Still, the survival elements of DayZ are strong, with complex nutrition, hydration, and health systems that go beyond merely eating, drinking, and bandaging wounds.

Scavenge a sprawling and decaying persistent open world, engage in tense interactions with other players, customize weapons and craft gear, and try not to die: DayZ Diaries: Tense and spooky multiplayer survival, with mutants. It's easy to relegate it to the crowd of DayZ-like games that have popped up over the past few years, but Miscreated has begun to stand out as a stable and enjoyable multiplayer game—and built in Cryengine, it looks amazing as well. Beginning with just a flashlight and a change of clothing, arm and equip yourself by exploring decaying neighborhoods and military bases.

AI mutants and wildlife pose a threat, but the biggest threat will come from your fellow survivors. Early Access survival game Miscreated is shaping up nicely.

The best survival games on PC

Terraria in space. Released July 22, Link: From visiting distant galaxies in your customized starship to building a home and farming crops, Starbound satisfies as both a sprawling survival adventure and a cozy pastime. The 2D pixelated sandbox is a joy to explore, and along the way you'll meet friendly alien NPCs and battle surprisingly tough bosses. There's a story-based campaign and side-quests, but no real feeling of pressure to complete them except at your leisure.

You can also play with friends on dedicated servers or simply by inviting them into your game via Steam. Starbound review. Naked men running around hitting each other with rocks. Release February 8, Link: Join or battle other players—or attempt to go it alone—starting with primitive tools and weapons and advancing to firearms and massive bases.

free sandbox survival games mac Free sandbox survival games mac
free sandbox survival games mac Free sandbox survival games mac
free sandbox survival games mac Free sandbox survival games mac
free sandbox survival games mac Free sandbox survival games mac
free sandbox survival games mac Free sandbox survival games mac
free sandbox survival games mac Free sandbox survival games mac

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